Update: New TAE40116 Certificate IV

SAVE Training is one of the few providers in Australia approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to offer the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online, right across Australia. 

The majority of providers of the now superseded TAE40110 Certificate IV were not approved due to non-compliance, some critically, with sanctions applied.

Providers were rigorously audited and judged on their track record of offering the previous version of the Cert IV, with many falling short of the requirements.

What's the difference between the current TAE40110 and the new TAE40116?

In terms of broad outcomes, they are essentially the same qualification. There's been minor restructuring to core and elective units. The following two units used to be electives. They are now core units:

  • TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
  • TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

This means that there is now only one elective unit to make up the 10 units for award of the qualification.

Perhaps the biggest change though is not so much in the course outcomes (people still essentially learn the same thing) but the assessment requirements. Due in part to widespread exploitation of the qualification by unscrupulous providers (e.g., one-week-wonder courses) the units were redesigned to have significantly more onerous assessment requirements. This is a mostly positive move, but it comes with some challenges.

On the plus side, it weeds out dodgy providers from offering inferior courses that don't give people the time to develop the skills and knowledge required to be a good trainer and assessor. Being a decent trainer and assessor requires time, effort and practice. Something we're really into.

It has however made the course significantly more challenging to deliver, both face to face and online. A challenge we have planned for.

Overall, despite the new challenges we believe the new qualification is a good robust certificate that people can be proud of earning.

We have worked hard on building a user-friendly online Cert IV in Training and Assessment program that overcomes these challenges, and focusses on strong human-human support and interaction using our proprietary online learning platform.


Do I have to Upgrade?

The answer to this all depends on your answer to another more important question - why do you require a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to begin with? Is it because:

  1. You work for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO - like TAFE, a private or community college, or any other institute offering nationally recognised training)?
  2. Your employer wants you to have it?
  3. You just want the latest version of the qualification for professional development and to stay current?
  4. You feel you were inadequately trained or assessed by a poor quality provider in TAE40110?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may need to upgrade to the new TAE40116 Cert IV. Let us know below if you're unsure about what to do.


Do I need to upgrade?


Here's some more information from about the new requirements.

Why the changes to the Certificate IV Course?

It's normal. All qualifications from all industry sectors get updated every few years but that doesn't mean everyone has to keep getting the latest versions of their qualifications.

A hairdresser who graduated with their hairdressing qualification in 2001 does not need to keep re-attending college to get a new hairdressing qualification, even though there might have been many new releases since then.

Similarly a trainer who got their trainer assessor qualification in 2014 doesn't need to go and get the latest TAE qualification, unless they work in an RTO or their employer specifically asks them to.


Enrolment into the new TAE40116 with SAVE Training

If you have decided it's something you'd like to do, you can enrol in the TAE40116 Upgrade here.


I have recently graduated with TAE40110

If you graduated with TAE40110 from SAVE Training, we have a special transition program and significantly reduced pricing (contact us for the discount code and more info).

For TAE40110 graduates who are experienced trainers and assessors, the process will be straightforward. A trainer and assessor should have no problem providing the additional evidence required in the new units. If someone graduated from TAE40110 and hasn't been training or assessing for a few years, they can still do the program but would need to put a few hours of work into demonstrating current skills and knowledge and meeting the additional evidence requirements through interview, demonstration, Q&A and project tasks and activities.


We've been in this industry for many years and have been through the previous qualifications transition to new versions. It's often a time of confusion, panic and stress usually due to myths and misconceptions that spread through the sector. You can be assured that our team have their collective "fingers on the pulse" of what's going on and can give you accurate information on your options. Please call on 1300 66 0609 or email us  if you have any questions at all. We're always happy to have a chat and help you stay informed.