Reviews and Testimonials

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These comments are all taken from our quality assurance survey forms in response to questions such as "what do think is in most need of improvement?" and "what did you like most about your experience with SAVE Training?".

It suited my needs to complete the training on line, my trainer Emily was professional and polite.

Melanie B. Fremantle WA

Very well organised, very friendly and helpful. SAVE Training are determined to help their students achieve a result and nothing is too much trouble. All questions were answered quickly and assessment feedback was prompt and helpful. I have no hesitation recommending SAVE to anyone who wants a great training experience.

Geoff C, NSW

Dealing with Paul was great, having that one on one tutor made things easier when you get side tracked or confused, just drop an email and you’re back on track.

Dion R. Auckland NZ

The assignment feedback was delivered in an efficient and professional manner

SAVE Training always kept me informed and provided regular updates, as well as responding to questions and providing feedback. The assignment feedback was delivered in an efficient and professional manner.

Michael J. Halet Cove SA

I felt very comfortable and never overwhelmed with my assessments. The support was great!

The quick responses and friendliness of staff. I was very impressed with the SAVE Training website, workbooks and staff. I felt very comfortable and never overwhelmed with my assessments. The support was great!

Brooke O. Corindi Beach NSW

I think the organisation has great integrity. SAVE Training lived up to the promises they promote. The responsiveness to enquiries and submissions is exceptional. Paul is extremely approachable and considerate. I am aware of other training organisations with lesser standards, so whilst I may have got away with less work with another organisation, I feel that the outcomes with SAVE Training have been very thorough and comprehensive which I value.

Kirsten C. Perth, WA

Not too much that needs improvement. Most of the information that was required could be found on the reference pages or, if you got bogged down with the available info, you were easily guided in the right direction with an e-mail or phone call to GHQ Bundall. I enjoyed doing the video tasks. I just left the camera on and enjoyed the editing for the assignment.

Ian M. VIC

Having Emily's support throughout the course and her extremely quick response and marking of the assessments.

Michelle F, WA

Ease of access, workbooks/assessment instructions/assessment templates were well prepared and easy to follow, constant support and check ins by the SAVE trainers and flexibility.

Joshua A. Kensington VIC

"I studied through one of Australia's top universities and SAVE Training blew it out of the water."

Seriously...What is NOT to like? Having completed an entire Bachelor degree online prior to completing my Cert IV online through SAVE Training, I was apprehensive about how effectively this Cert IV would be delivered online. I studied through one of Australia's top universities and SAVE Training blew it out of the water. The online learning environment is excellent. An abundance of resources lie right at your fingertips. The trainers are excellent. There's no waiting for weeks to receive feedback on assessments or to get help if you need it. Learning resources are varied to meet individual learning needs. You have the opportunity to work at your own pace. I loved everything about it. It was one of the best decisions I made.

Ashlee K, VIC

Emily, my facilitator was really patient as I had a few major family set backs with my timeline but she was really encouraging and supportive of my learning. Emily never failed to encourage and motivate me and I realised that I needed that and found her very professional and very quick to reply to my questions and concerns and give feedback despite it taking me much longer to give her my work in turn! I think having a set contact person is a really good idea as even though you may never meet face to face it is nice to build a rapport with someone and be able to fell like they are there with you along the journey. The cost of the course was a big factor for me and SAVE Training really provided me with the opportunity to better myself and my career, for which i have progressed into an education position, where it would have been far more difficult and stressful if i had gone with another provider. As I work shift work, having the ability to work online is a big bonus, with help and support really available whenever you needed it and the ability to progress onto other things whilst waiting to clarify and complete certain other sections. Overall I really appreciated Emily's help and that was probably one of the best things about the course, you didn't feel like just another number!

Adam L, Melbourne, VIC

I appreciated the interaction with my mentor Emily. She was very understanding and patient, as I am not generally one who studies online, I prefer face-to-face study. Emily helped me get over this hurdle by coaching me through my concerns and allowing me to liaise with her as often as I needed. The material is going to lead me towards career choices that I am eager to now advance into. Thank you SAVE Training.

Leanne G, SA

Everything about this course was A++++++. From the learning material to the helpful staff. The positive feedback that was always received from Paul made you want to do more. I would be highly recommending SAVE to everyone.

Joanne M. NSW


It has been an exceptionally enjoyable course of study even though it has taken me longer than planned (for which a thousand apologies). Much of that pleasure arises from your professionalism and the smooth delivery of high-quality materials that is embedded in your courseware.

With trainers/facilitators as your target market, it seems to me you have taken on some of the hardest markers there are in the world of learning, and I am no exception. But you'll get nothing but praise from me and I would be delighted to recommend you to others.


Greg D - Southbank, Vic.

Emily helped me maintain my workload and understood my unusual travel & study regime. Thanks Emily and to the other staff members who helped me attain this qualification.

Aiden B, TAS

The experience couldn't have been more relevant for people in any training vocation. I found the course material well thought out, extremely easy to access, modern and relevant and at times quite humorous.
It is clear Paul and his team are highly skilled professionals with an ingrained sense of passion for facilitating learning and the course reflects this. Nothing was a problem, if I needed help no question went unanswered. Paul has a remarkable way of providing you the answer you seek by way of self reflection, he is a true facilitator. This course through SAVE Training for me, was a thought provoking self discovering journey all on the way to finally obtaining a certificate. SAVE Training would be my only recommendation to colleagues looking to complete this certificate online. My sincere thank you to Paul and his team.

Peita L. Adelaide, SA

My entire learning experience for my Cert IV in Training & Assessment was more than I could have asked for. I thought the detail in regards to how the training was designed on the website was excellent. Just like I learnt during the Cert IV, the learning process involved a combination of learning styles including theory based readings along with visual videos clearly outlining the content of the particular unit. This gave me the best possible chance of successfully completing my Cert IV via correspondence, something to be honest I was a little anxious about prior to commencing the course. I also found the support provided by Paul to be very helpful. Not only was Paul very prompt to my queries, his knowledge of my queries was always excellent and he was clear in his explanation. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SAVE Training, which I have already done.

Fabio M, NSW

Training was very engaging and interactive which made the course enjoyable and easy to follow.

Jim F.

It was very easy to complete. It was well structured, explained and the knowledge was easily accessible if I needed clarification. It was a great online learning experience. I felt that I had constant and unwavering support from all the team and I really got a sense that you were there to help me in any way you could in order for me to complete and achieve my certificate. This motivated and encouraged me to keep 'chipping away' at it and completing it sooner than I anticipated.
I would be more than happy to recommend SAVE Training to anyone that needs or wants to complete this type of training. Well done!!

Bianca J. Melbourne, VIC

Paul is brilliant - he is calm, patient, understanding and extremely punctual with responses. Thank you.

Helen S, NSW

I will highly recommend SAVE to any and everybody looking to complete their Cert IV TAE.

Thanks so much. I am very grateful and very thankful I chose SAVE as my training provider. I enjoyed the process and am confident in starting a training career. I will highly recommend SAVE to any and everybody looking to complete their Cert IV TAE.

Matt R


I would really like to thank you for your friendly support throughout this course. I have never experienced such level of support from a training provider. I know I didn’t call on your help too often, but it was the phone calls and emails you initiated to touch base on my progress that made a difference. I felt with that support I was not going to struggle at any stage.

Simon F, Vic

I really enjoyed the development of the presentations and delivering them. I also liked the booklet development rather than completing one unit at a time.

Katrina H. Melbourne, VIC

I felt that I was continually encouraged to keep going, even when I was interrupted by home duties. I didn't feel rushed and was encouraged to do what ever I could in the time frame I ended up with.

Michelle M. Ballarat, VIC

I feel proud to complete my qualification with SAVE training.

I really feel satisfied with the services of SAVE training and especially thanks to my Trainer Emily who provided all possible help and motivated me at every step of the learning process to follow the right path. Without her kind support it might not be possible to complete my qualification before the deadline. Everything in the training is up-to-date and according to the need of learner. The mixture of assessment tools such as question answers, activities and tasks are well planned which help the learner to get a detailed knowledge of content. Above all, monthly check-ups with the student help to track the progress. The payment methods and other administrative services are flexible and on hand when required. Overall, I feel proud to complete my qualification with SAVE training. There is nothing to make further improvement as per my consideration.

Ramanjeet K. India

I am very pleased with the entire process. The amount of contact between myself and the trainer/assessor was of the perfect amount for me. I very much like to be left to get things done without being constantly hassled (head down, bum up sort of thing) but at the same time like to know I haven't been forgotten about. I neither felt hassled or forgotten through the entire training. All of the information supplied was of excellent quality. I did do additional research about some of the topics within the training through other sources although this was due to an interest developed as a result of the training and was not due to any lacking in the information provided by SAVE training.

Julie G. Loxton, SA

It was well set out and well planned. It was easy to work through the course material and assessments. Paul was always available to talk through any queries I had and I love the way feedback was provided in a super fast fashion. I found all aspects of my experience to be pleasant and of a high standard. I am trying to think of something that could have been improved and I am coming up blank.

Taree B. QLD

Obviously the online nature of the course provides extensive flexibility as to what is studied when and where. The supporting website is exceptionally easy to use and very supportive of the learning process. The level of enthusiasm and support provided by staff is also exceptional. Resources, particularly the set of templates provided, are excellent. I also found the examples provided throughout the course extremely helpful and they clearly demonstrated a strong knowledge of the subject content by the course developers. Overall, a very rewarding learning experience has been provided by a professional and caring team of educators. The course is highly recommended. Thanks.

Bernd J. Blue Mountains, NSW

"Don’t think twice about enrolling with SAVE training, they are amazing and I can guarantee your experience will be just as good as mine."

What I liked most about my experience with SAVE training was that the material was always available to me and I was able to do it at my own pace. My trainer was Paul and he was amazing throughout the whole process. Whenever I needed help or was in doubt of anything he was there for support, motivation and encouragement. He gave me feedback within 24 hours and even though sometimes I thought it was frustrating he was always caring and happy to help! I would honestly recommend SAVE training to everyone! Don’t think twice about enrolling with SAVE training, they are amazing and I can guarantee your experience will be just as good as mine.

Joelle D, NSW

Everything! The course material was simple and concise. The videos were to the point and conveyed the messages. Navigating the course was also very easy. Emily and Paul have responded quickly to queries and assessments were scored in 24 hours. The feedback in the assessments were detailed and felt personalized. There was flexibility also provided during the course which was fantastic. Overall, it was a great experience.

Rhiana K, Bangalore, India

I found SAVE Training to be supportive and professional from start to finish. The resources and information were very well written and easy to understand. I would definitely do further courses with SAVE Training.

Karen G. Bondi NSW

Why would you improve something that’s already perfect?

• Efficiency in marking assessments fast (48h in the worst case scenario), while some RTO take up to 20 working days for marking! • Customised training according to client needs. • You get the advantages of a flexible online learning while you actually have a personal training method with ONE trainer. (I've dealt with an RTO where I had a different trainer per submission, 10 units with 2 submissions per unit = 20 different people to deal with... I felt like just being a number.) Paul P. was extremely friendly and polite, he encouraged me to ask questions, provided constructive feedback, and gave me motivation to complete the tasks. Why would you improve something that’s already perfect?

Arnaud V. Marylands WA

I found the online training help forum really useful and Paul was amazing and really great. He always gave me really good advice.

Julie P, VIC

Great support from staff.

Glen M, ACT

SAVE training definitely has my endorsement.

Thank you so much! It has been quite a journey for me but no experience is wasted. SAVE training definitely has my endorsement. You have been the best person for my learning at this point in my life. Well done to you, truly.

Browsing back at the content yesterday, everything makes so much more sense. It has been written in such plain simple language that nothing is foreign to me now.

Keep up the great work you and your team does.

Patzy L. - Balwyn, Vic.

My assessor was excellent, professional, and responded very quickly to my questions, work assessments. He is one of the most professional tutors that I have worked with. He inspired me for my future.

Aleks I. Melbourne, VIC

I found my interaction with SAVE Training to be entirely professional and supportive.

The trainers were patient and they pointed me in the right direction without providing the answers. I found my interaction with SAVE Training to be entirely professional and supportive. I would recommend them as an RTO.

Lois G. Williams Landing VIC

I like that I could explore different places for the answers, for example: use HELP, look at the notes and resources provided as well as research the internet. This provided me greater knowledge etc. I had great support from my assessor (Emily) in getting this training completed and I would like to see her recognised for this. I had numerous stops and starts due to family issues, completing this qualification has given me a great deal of satisfaction.

Michelle H, NSW

As an experienced trainer who needed upgrade to the now recognised training qualification I found that the course material provided direct support to the assessment items, without actually presenting the answers. I had presented this course of study for another RTO some two years ago and I was delighted at the depth required in all of the assessment items required. The total process was an exercise that ensured that you, the trainee, had to open your mind and seek responses through the resources that you had to make available to complement the basic understanding, and extension ideas, in the presented resource materials. The learning experience was demanding, yet sometimes quite exhilarating. Thoroughly enjoyable and so informative.

David P, NT

Paul was extremely patient with my use of new technology. SAVE Training kept in touch on a regular basis with me. One of my co-workers is doing an on line course and she only has contact when she calls them. Save training were in constant contact with me all the time, even just to check on my progress and to offer help if I needed it. Thank you.

Helen H. QLD

I was supported, encouraged and felt motivated to do my best.

Julia C. Marrickville NSW

Very flexible and supportive of my needs.

Sharon G, Melbourne, VIC

Timeline was set to work to, which was a main focus. This package was very flexible with work and family life and the back-up support was top class with both email and phone calls. The on-line help was great to check with first as a lot of times, there were others that had the same questions. I found this course excellent and far better than the one I started, which was 'in class' and very intense! Congratulations Paul and your staff and thankyou for all your help! I have already and will continue to recommend your business and its services to others.

David A. WA

The availability of the trainer. The website which was very comprehensive and covered everything. Positive encouragement.

Tammy L, NT

All the help, support and of course getting a new qualification.

Anna G. Shepparton, VIC

Excellent standard of materials and the training was developed around my needs. I enjoyed the flexibility and the personal approach to both my needs and experience.

Kylie M, VIC

The website was easy to use and the "Get Help" feature came in handy many times. It was good being able to see if someone else had already asked the question and received feedback. Paul was excellent at replying to my emails and assessments quickly.

Kylie C. VIC

Paul is a total professional. This course has been designed so carefully that I could not pick any area that needs tweaking. Paul absolutely practises what he preaches in that his own training and assessment methods reflect the goals of this course. I really enjoyed every aspect of this course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve this qualification in a challenging but enjoyable way.

Alison V. Japan

The learning format was well set up - easy to access, the information was in a logical sequence and enabled me to proceed through the course steadily. The procedure for submitting assessments was excellent.

Tony P. TAS

The team at Save Training went out of their way to accommodate my need for flexibility in both the time I took to complete the course and the materials I provided for assessment. The highly professional and very well thought out course materials are some of the best I have seen.

David S, NSW

I loved the flexibility of the online format - that I could pick it up when I had time to work on it and leave it when I needed to focus on deadline related work commitments. I also enjoyed and appreciated [their] very supportive attitude and positive feedback along the way. Honestly - I found this online course really worthwhile to do, and the format and flexibility offered to me (to fit in and around work commitments) was great. I have and will continue to recommend SAVE Training to my colleagues and clients.

Charmaine C. Sydney, NSW

The training was easy to follow with excellent videos. Because the training was online I could review information at any time. Play a video over & over until I grasped the concept. It was a very enjoyable learning experience.

Terry L. Waterford, Qld

I might have been incredibly lucky to get Paul as my trainer as he was professional, experienced and also understanding of juggling work, family and life, along with study and guided me through several steps along the way with a wonderful attitude and perspective. Well Done Paul!

Chris B. Croydon South VIC

I was concerned about tackling this Cert IV TAE course online and not completing it, but with some planning, encouragement and fantastic support from my assessor I completed it ahead of schedule. The online learning program is a great asset to the process. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of giving it a go.

Ian C. Sydney, NSW

Guys this has been a wonderful experience. Your biggest asset is your online Q&A ["Get Help" system] because when I was struggling (and it did happen a few times) the other students were actually having the same problem too... how uncanny was that? Having the forum there, available at any time of day or night, was fantastic. But it helped immensely and thank you again for that support tool, I could not have completed the course without it.

Bryan W. Sydney, NSW

Whenever I required assistance, Paul and his staff were available and eager to help me. Assessments were always marked quickly and the feedback was helpful. I also enjoyed the fact that I could do the course at my own pace.

Nathan N. Southside, Qld

The flexibility with study and the layout of the website was easy to use with the workbook assessments. I thought the course was run extremely well with the resources at hand and Paul was a very interested trainer and provided extremely helpful feedback.

Elle P. QLD

"I have recommended SAVE already to a few people and will continue to do so"

You have really helped along the way, you’ve been so encouraging. I have recommended SAVE already to a few people and will continue to do so. Although I have found it difficult to get the course done through lack of motivation, mainly because it is a formality, I have found SAVE the best way to do it. It is my 3rd attempt having tried to go through TAFE previously. But I found the course so boring and their online course so difficult to navigate I gave up both times! So thanks for the motivational emails and messages and feedback, you kept me hanging in there! I am so glad it is done and I can now train at VET "with a license"!

Leanne P. Curriculum Consultant, WA.

The entire experience was very good. The communication lines were open and I felt I could contact the trainer with any queries I had. When doing so, a prompt, clear and quick response was returned. The initial assessment around my RPL outlined the areas that I would benefit from doing bridging assignments. While doing these it confirmed that the assessment was spot on and I gained valuable knowledge from completing these.

Phil B. Canberra, ACT

I was pleasantly surprised from day one after initially speaking with my trainer Paul. With Pauls assistance at the start with the learning plan, I don't think I had all that many silly questions throughout the course. All smooth sailing!

Marcus H. Launceston TAS

"I know that I could not possibly have received such incredible support from other online RTOs."

I chose SAVE Training for the personal touch and I was not let down. Paul was amazing. Super supportive, compassionate, knowledgeable and encouraging. The feedback was very speedy and always constructive. I know that I could not possibly have received such incredible support from other online RTOs. The trainers genuinely want learners to learn and succeed, and it is this crucial factor that makes a world of difference. I cannot recommend SAVE Training highly enough.

Sylvia G, VIC

"Everyone I have spoken to about the TAE has only negative things to say, how hard, how time consuming, how tedious. But this has not been my experience at all and I know it is in large part due to the trainer and the organisation."

Wow, thank you so very much. It really is such a huge sense of achievement :) It has also been a pleasure to have you as my trainer and while I may not have utilized you as much as I should have, and saved myself a lot of stress, it was a great comfort and reassurance knowing you were there, and that any questions would be answered quickly and clearly. It was also a bigger help then you may realize, when I would get a check in email when maybe I had not been as on top of things as I needed to be. I will certainly be referring SAVE to anyone I know, and in fact have already been doing so. Everyone I have spoken to about the TAE has only negative things to say, how hard, how time consuming, how tedious. But this has not been my experience at all and I know it is in large part due to the trainer and the organisation.

Emma P. QLD

My experience with SAVE Training was great. The service provided was exceptional. I found the staff were very helpful, friendly and professional. The resources were very clear and easy to use. The website was incredibly accessible and easy to navigate. I am very happy with the whole training experience and will be recommending SAVE Training to all my peers.

Suzi O. Brisbane, QLD

Everything was clear and concise, the material was great, it was just the right amount of challenging and it was a joy to complete!

Robert K. Adelaide SA

This online organisation provided me with competent and knowledgeable trainers who can assist you in your studies. I never felt alone and as a mature student (last study was 18 years ago)Paul my mentor guided me through any difficulties I had. As a course, it allows you to develop skills that you will use in the workplace, either as a trainer, manager and facilitator.

Michelle-Ann L, Melbourne, VIC

I enjoyed the online nature of this course, it allowed me to work through the material and assessments at my own leisure and in my own time. I also appreciated having the prompt feedback provided which made it easy to get onto the next module without having to wait.

Nicola L. Sydney, NSW

The way the course was designed was fantastic.

The way the course was designed was fantastic. Even though it was online learning, it made me practice so much that I felt as if I was part of a training program. It was exhaustive and gave me enough opportunities to practice and ensured that I was learning all the way. Paul, the facilitator working with me during the process was the most encouraging and supporting person I have ever met. He ensured that I was completing my tasks on time and gave me direction to complete them effectively. His feedback was wonderfully written which motivated me further to do well.

Padmakar R. Thane India

On a whole, it was quite easy to follow. I got stuck a couple of times, but the help was prompt. The 'Get Help' function was handy also.

Chris T. SA

The ease of RPL process

James T, Melbourne, VIC

Dealing with Paul: he was always so helpful and friendly, and gave me ample opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and always replied promptly to emails. He is definitely an amazing trainer who took my personal circumstances into account when designing my training program.

Alysa C, VIC

Personally I was very happy with every aspect of dealing with Save Training, Paul was always there to help whenever I needed it and the online questions and answers in the help section was fantastic. I also thought the assessment set up was excellent (not just going through the modules for the unit) combining all the relevant modules together as you would use them on the job was great. Thank you again for an enjoyably experience.

James G. WA

The quick and informative turn around time for assessment results and questions to be answered. Paul has been great throughout the process and always willing to assist when needed, I have almost found no difference between the distance delivery method and in class methods completing this course as Paul has always been available and the feedback constructive, the training materials are detailed and well presented to allow for self directed learning. SAVE has provided a great experience and online learning environment for me.

Kelly S, Melbourne, VIC

SAVE Training took me from being the person who does induction presentations at work to being someone who delivers quality presentations, someone who understands how an audience thinks and how to help them get the most out of what I am teaching. Paul is an exceptional facilitator who has a way with words and he made the entire process of learning this qualification enjoyable, straightforward, humorous, interesting and effective! I really enjoyed the experience of becoming a qualified trainer and assessor and I have Paul and his fantastic team to thank for it! They were always there for me with support, feedback and friendly tips the whole way through - I definitely recommend you give them a go!

Chris S. QLD

It was really good, I worked hard and did find some topics confusing but the resource materials were clear and it made sense when I slowed down and read things a little more thoroughly. Thank you.


Easy to understand process and I felt like I could ask questions throughout the course.

Emma L. Port Melbourne VIC

What did you like most about your experience with SAVE Training?

When applying to do this course, the website was easy to navigate and find the right information. After confirming, I had access within 24hrs and a phone call with from Paul to assess my learning objectives! Very organised! Paul was always available and if he wasn't able to help me within a timely manner who would keep me in the loop! Communication was thoroughly impressive!

The responses were prompt which helped me complete the course fast.

Communications, learning relevant material, support, outcome.

The flexibility of the learning process. I could do the assessments whenever I liked which worked perfectly for me.

I found dealing with the administrative processes to be very easy and accommodating.

I liked reading the nice feedback I was given.

Recent Quality Indicator Survey Results from our online Training and Assessment programs:

94% of clients surveyed strongly agreed and the other 6% agreed that "overall, I am satisfied with the training."

100% strongly agreed that they would recommend SAVE Training to others.