The latest indications have shown that efforts to limit global carbon dioxide emissions are failing as emissions were at a record high in 2011 and scientists don't see this dropping for 2013. recent talks in Doha showed that world leaders just aren't quite ready to commit to curbing these emissions either. So how can you and your business step up to the plate? Below I'll list just a few of the simple ways businesses can become more sustainable and make sustainably conscious purchases.



  • Think green when purchasing office supplies for the business. Everything from toilet paper to printer paper to decomposable pens can be eco friendly. Check out this great website with a great range of eco friendly office supplies:
  • Go paperless! Do you really need to print that email, do you really need to have so many paper files? Why not file electronically? Most companies will also happily email you an invoice instead of posting one as well. Just don't forget to keep secure back ups of your files.
  • Reduce the commute to work. Encourage car pooling, cycling or walking to work. All great ways to reduce your carbon foot print.
  • Finally how about bringing your lunch to work in reusable containers instead of getting takeaway, this saves you money also. You could also get your barista to make your takeaway coffee in a reusable cup. Both are great ways to reduce the use of packaging and landfill.